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Adoptable Pups!

Meet Baron

This is the story of Baron (AKA Rubble).


Baron started out in Kuwait as a new puppy pet. But once he started to outgrow his puppiness, his owner decided he didn’t have use for him anymore and dumped him in a rock and sand construction site where so many other abandoned pets are left to fend for themselves. Luckily, when some humans heard about this, that went out looking for him. After several trips and many hours searching the rocks, he was found at the top of a pile of rubble and saved. That was 2018. Since then, Rubble learned to be happy and trust again, thanks to the love of his guardian angel, William, in Kuwait and thanks to the love and caring of his first adopter here in the United States. But it isn’t easy learning to trust again after being dumped in a rubble pile. And when Rubble came to the US, all the love, safety, training, and treats that his adopter could provide, combined with the power he got from his new strong name, wasn’t enough to give Baron the feeling of safety so he could trust fully again.

After 2 ½ years, his adopter had to make the hard choice to ask WAG to help find a new home for Baron. A home that provides the same amount of love, caring, and structure and added stability and calm. Most of all Baron needs people who can provide space and understanding for a dog that is desperately trying to trust again.

Baron has been hanging out on Capitol Hill with Nicole, our treasurer and dog extraordinaire, for the past 3 weeks. Here is what she can tell you:


· It took Baron a 4 hour visit to my house before he decided I was ok to pet him. On the second visit, he let me walk him. On the third visit, I was his person. Similarly, it took Baron about 3 visits with the rest of my Covid Pod (as we call it), and now he is wagging his tale to meet them and begging for pets and attention.

· Baron is such a happy dog. He loves to play and run around, even if he might be a little too big for zoomies in the house, he goes for it anyway.

· He is always interested in meeting a new doggy friend, on his terms. He has become quite good pals with my 12 lb Jack Russel/Dachshund, Bo. And he is desperately trying to be friends with my other one, Nelson.

· There is no getting around the fact that Baron is frightened of bigger dogs and new people, especially when he is on a leash. He gives warning by whining. Most of the time you can comfort him. But sometimes, that fear converts to aggression. So, we walk with a muzzle to let the other dogs and people know that Baron needs his space.

· He loves to go for walks and is muzzle trained. He is a great helper. He also knows how to put his harnesses on. 

· We tried running one day. Baron humored me for a little while and then decided he had enough. So we then walked the rest of the way. I still think there is a chance he may grow to like running.

· He is a great house guest. He always uses the outside facilities to go the bathroom. He behaves himself all day while I am working. Maybe once or twice he gets a little restless and wants to play. But he settles right back down.

· Baron is a great guard dog. He does like to patrol the house for possible intruders and other threats and let’s you know of potential danger, he listens when you tell him to stop and come over to you.

· His adopter did an outstanding job training Baron. While training is a lifelong activity for both dog and their people, he was set up with a great foundation. He needs someone who will make sure that consistency and discipline remain.


Baron is a great dog that needs a great person to love him and make him feel safe.

If you think you are that person, please send us an email or visit our website and fill out an adoption application.


We don’t think a house with children is the right environment for Baron because we know kids do things on their terms, and Baron likes to do things on his terms. A single person or a couple with a steady home situation and an understanding of the needs of rescue dogs and Middle Eastern desert dogs is ideal. Baron seems to do find with other pets and enjoys the company. So, a house with another dog (small or midsize) would be good.



3 years old

Approximately 60 lbs

Kuwaiti mutt

Washington DC

A confident and submissive Dutch Shepard mix. She is 8 months old and sooooooo eager to please. She loves running and cuddles more than anything on this planet. She has learned how to play fetch, sit, nose (recall), and get your toy. She is soooooo smart and needs time to play. She has a lot of energy but loves to cuddle on the couch just as much. Because she is a dutch shepard she needs time to work and explore. She fits in well with many types of pups - disabled, male, female, dominant, and not.  She would do best in a home with kids but no cats. :) 

8 mo old

Approximately 35 lbs

Dutch Shepard mix

Seattle, WA

Meet Starlight

Meet Lobo

Lobo has his tuxedo on and he’s ready to meet his Mr or Miss Right! He loves smooth jazz but he’s not a fan of progressive jazz. He digs old R&B, anything by Sam Cook, and The Puppy Song. He likes to watch boxing and dog sports, and he thinks football is silly - because why toss away a perfectly good ball when you could just bite it?! He would love to share a plate of cheese and crackers with a special someone. Lobo just wants a real friend to hang onto his tug rope, skritch his ears, pinch his loose cheeks, and help him bark at deer. His biggest fears are mice and spiders, so he would prefer to sleep in bed with his human so he doesn’t have to be on the floor with those little critters. He’s a slow romance and won’t kiss on the first date, but once he knows you’re the one, he is very protective and loving. He likes to sit on your lap and wants to be the little spoon. Really, he doesn’t have a preference for a male or female friend, but he does prefer to be an only friend. He likes other dogs but wants to be the only dog in the house. Message us today if you’re interested in adopting Lobo. He’s 3 years old, neutered, vaccinated, very healthy.

3 years old

100 lbs

Faber, VA

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