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Where World Animal Guardians Began

World Animal Guardians is a collaborative rescue team that includes people from all over the world. Most of our rescue efforts are focused in Kuwait, where the founders met and bonded over a mutual disdain for the rampant animal abuse and neglect.


Kuwait is a place where literally any type of animal imaginable, from Persian cats to monkeys, can be purchased for a price. Their Friday Animal Market is largely unregulated, so combined with Kuwait's lenient import and cruelty laws, many animals suffer at the expense of human intrigue. Many of these animals are purchased only to be cruelly tortured, killed, or dumped into the desert when the fad wears off. Rescuers have saved animals with eyes gouged out, faces beaten in, legs broken, and declawed cats left to starve, monkeys with broken bones, nursing litters left for dead, even hyena pups. There are also many throw-aways and street dogs, as dogs are seen as a novelty.


If the animals survive the heat, they must also survive the numerous communicable diseases that are rampant. They are exposed to everything from Parvo virus to Pneumonia. Many of the animals develop respiratory diseases from the poor conditions. Temperatures reach up to 60C (140F) in Kuwait, cooking many of the poor souls within hours.


The rescue group based in Kuwait has been rescuing animals out-of-pocket for years, just trying every day to save one more life. These rescuers pull dying animals out of the garbage. They make a fuss to the Friday Market vendors and all who will listen, begging to bring the animals inside out of the sun. They put water into dry containers as the animals drink it faster than it can be refilled. They spend their evenings at the veterinarians asking for favors as there is never enough resources to save them all. Now joined with the rescue team based in the USA, they can finally shed light on the abuse and neglect of the animals there, and get enough exposure to help the survivors. Thus World Animal Guardians was born.


Some say, "Why Kuwait?" We say, "Because if not us, then who?" Please be a part of our team and rescue effort by sharing our posts, donating to the cause, or fostering and adopting. When you donate, every dollar goes toward saving a survivor, as we are an entirely volunteer team. We are a 501c3 and can 

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Katie DeLorme

Executive Director & President

Amy and I met in the Army, and saw the abuse these animals endured first hand. I have always loved animals but there is a trigger for me when I see the less fortunate suffering. Humbled by the opportunity to give animals the lives they deserve.

I am located near Seattle and am excited to bring more WAG pups to this coast!

Intro to my herd - I have 5 pups of my own. All in total have 16 legs. #mathproblems


Lynne Carreiro

Board of Directors Member & Secretary

I adopted a Kuwaiti dog and once I learned what was going on, I decided to get involved. I met Amy (founder) electronically, we hit it off over a love of animals and crazy adventures. I adopted a WAG dog. I foster and place dogs in New England. In my day job, I work as a consultant in the financial services industry focused on legal and regulatory compliance.


Nicole Mayerhauser

Board of Directors Member & Treasurer

She is the Treasurer. She makes sure we can pay our bills and that all of our donations are going to the right places to provide the best caring for our WAG animals and our WAGSTER™ foster and volunteer family. She used to measure US economic growth and the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and she is now Chief Operating Officer and founder of Emerald One, a women-owned, mission-driven management consulting firm, so we figured she can track WAG’s books. Before joining the board, Nicole volunteered with WAG, helping with the books, operations, dog transport, and emergency fosters. She met the WAG family in 2017 when she adopted Nelson, then we adopted her as part of our family. Please welcome Nicole to the team.Oh, and give her a ring if you have any extra money or resources you would like to donate to WAG.  

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Mary Setula

Board of Directors Member 


Amy Swope

Founder of WAG and Blue Ridge Canine Services. Lover of animals and has a special interest in restorative care. She is currently a volunteer for WAG  as she focuses on her new endeavor which includes behavior modification, socialization, and trauma rehabilitation.

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